Allie is a certified bed bug K9. She has a 98% accuracy rate. The Average human inspector is closer to 30%. Allie can inspect a room in a fraction of the time it takes a human inspector. Allie was trained by the same instructor that works with arson, drug and bomb detecting dogs for law enforcement including the FBI. Bed bug canines are simply the new standard in accurately detecting bed bugs.

A man’s best friend is also our best ally when it comes to accurately detecting the presence of bed bugs inside your home or business. Bed bugs are incredibly small creatures that feed on human blood during the night, their nature is to hide in difficult to reach places, while remaining ever so small. Bed bug canines are brought into a home or business to establish a solid foundation for bed bug treatments, as the dogs can easily confirm their presence. Using a similar training technique as those used by law enforcement, we can train canines to sniff out bed bugs with a 98% accuracy. While most human inspectors can reach accuracy rates of 30% or less, there is simply no room for error when it comes to the comfort and safety of your family.

Detecting bed bugs with the naked eye is like finding a needle in a haystack. The adult bed bug is comparable to the head of a needle in size, thus making early detection very difficult for our human senses. By employing bed bug canines, we can ensure early detection, thus ensuring the complete elimination of this pesky bug.

These professionally trained canines detect all life stages of bed bugs, even if you already know there is an affected area, we can accurately determine the extent of the infestation. By using pinpoint accuracy, Bug Bouncers is helping people all over Florida maintain the bed bug infestation under control. The only effective solution to complete elimination of a bed bug infestation is HEAT. Learn more about heat treatments.

Bed bug inspections and diagnosis are usually performed manually by moving large pieces of furniture, mattresses, and couches. Considering how small bed bugs are, the low accuracy of human detection, and other factors, bed bug canines are the single best option for bed bug detection.

The bed bug dog can easily and accurately be used to detect infestations in large buildings, hotel rooms, apartment complexes, condos, timeshares, rental properties, university dorm rooms, resorts, and motels. This allows for proper diagnosis and lower costs when deploying heat treatment to eradicate the infestation. Our experience has taught us that hotels are extremely vulnerable to bed bug infestations, therefore we proactively search for bed bugs in hotels in popular Florida tourist destinations.

The latest in technology

It’s not uncommon to see dogs being used in law enforcement, bomb detection, drug sniffing, and other complex applications with no room for error. While it may seem like a low tech solution to this problem affecting so many, a bed bug canine detection service is cutting edge technology. There is no device or method currently available to consumers that can accurately detect bed bugs in all life stages. As pioneers in this industry, Bug Bouncers can confidently stand by every bed bug certification we perform.

K9 Detection Vs Human Visual DetectionBed Bug Treatment Florida’s K9Human
Time of Inspection (1 Room)< 3 Minutes15 Minutes to an Hour
Amount of DisruptionNoneUnmake Beds, Remove Clutter, etc
LimitationsNoneCan only inspect visual areas

Bed bugs are very elusive and it is almost nearly impossible for a human to find every last bug with visual inspections alone.

Hotels, Motels, and Resorts?

Assuming you value the future opinion of your guests, bed bugs are bad news. We offer weekly bed bug inspections for hotels in Florida at affordable rates. Your guests are there to enjoy themselves and they are happy to pay for a pleasant stay, don’t let bed bugs ruin their stay and your reputation. Bed bugs are also reason for liability concerns, as most people will seek the opinion of their attorney when bed bugs are involved. Our canine is trained to detect a single bed bug egg or any of the life stages of bed bugs. With discretion in mind, Bug Bouncers is here to help mitigate the risks of owning a hotel, motel, or resort. By proactively searching for bed bugs, your hotel can continue operating without a hitch. Instead of depending on visual inspections, Bug Bouncers can deliver a definitive report for 100 to 200 rooms per day. This means your hotel or resort is back to business without any interruptions, while maintaining the high level of comfort and service you pride yourself in offering.

Don’t wait until your guests report bed bugs, avoid the liability of litigation completely by hiring Bug Bouncers to perform weekly bed bug inspections on all your rooms. Don’t let disaster strike, we assure our work with effective heat treatments and hundreds of happy customers. At a minimum, Bug Bouncers suggests a quarterly bed bug inspection using a trained canine.

A bed bug infestation and the resulting bed bug bites can cause:

  • Unhappy guests
  • Bad publicity
  • Lost revenue
  • Costly and  ineffective pesticide treatments
  • Customer lawsuits

Apartment Complexes and Dormitories

These are prime locations for bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can easily migrate through the walls from one unit to the other as the infestation grows. If you find bed bugs in one location the surrounding units should always be inspected as well to gain control of the infestations before it gets any worse.

Private Homes

Get your life back! Bed bugs can be extremely elusive. They are also resistant to many of the common chemical treatments unless they are sprayed directly. We can set your mind at ease and have you sleep in peace again knowing that your home is bed bug free. Bed bug infestations originate from catching a ride in your luggage when you travel from one location to another or by bring home infested furnishings. We have the ability to search your luggage after returning from a trip to prevent ever bringing the bed bugs into your home

Why Use Bed Bug Detection Dog(s)?

Detection dogs have been working for police departments and various government agencies around the world for decades. They have time and time again proven themselves as an effective and reliable tool for locating various items such as illegal drugs, cell phones in prisons, termites, cancer cells on humans, explosives and even bed bugs.

  • We perform comprehensive K9 searches of any questionable areas
  • Findings are given in a detailed / confidential report for your records
  • We provide a follow-up inspection to determine the effectiveness of all treatment.

Three Types of K9 Inspections

  • Proactive:  Prevents infestations and find the problem before your guests do
  • Targeted:  For a problem in suspected area that needs to be confirmed
  • Post-Treatment:  To ensure effective treatment results

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