Bug Bouncers has been a pioneer when it comes to controlling and ultimately eradicating bed bug infestations. Using a proven heat treatment, we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals and businesses all over Florida. By applying heat to the inside of any structure, Bug Bouncers can successfully target all life stages of bed bugs. Although many other companies claim to be successful at using alternative treatment methods, our expert technicians can stand confidently knowing a careful application of heat up to 150 degrees is the only way to ensure complete eradication of a bed bug colony.

By applying constant heat, bed bugs have nowhere to hide. With a single heat treatment, Bug Bouncers will guarantee our success in killing all life stages of bed bugs.

Careful application of heat will penetrate every possible hiding place for all bed bugs, including the unhatched eggs and young adults who aren’t fully developed.  Heat penetrates all bed bug hiding places in the furniture, under carpets and within the wall and ceiling. Minimal chemical application is included with the heat treatment, however is not required as the heat alone will kill all bed bugs. The structure, furniture, and most personal items will not be damaged by the heating process. Some heat sensitive items will be protected or removed.

Compare Bed Bug Treatments

Doing your due diligence, great job! Gathering the necessary information to make an educated decision is admirable, also the main reason why Bug Bouncers has painstakingly researched this topic. We want our customers to feel confident and stand steady against a bed bug invasion.

In other words, what other options do you have to eliminate bed bugs? Below is a list of possible treatment alternatives, some are dangerous to your health or the health of your pets. Some are a complete waste of your hard earned money, although well intentioned, these treatments need to be avoided.

There are other companies using small heat guns and even steam machines. The efficacy of those tools has been proven ineffective, in our experience, bed bugs require at least four hours of constant heat at above 117 degrees. The vapor and heat guns simply do not provide enough heat to treat the affected areas properly. Bed bugs will run and hide when they detect a massive increase in temperature, therefore, it’s imperative the heat is applied everywhere and in even proportions to avoid any further spread post treatment.

WARNING: Improper heating methods can lead to fire and death. Please do not attempt this yourself.

Liquid Pesticide

Using liquid pesticides requires direct contact with the bed bugs infesting your home, and given the nature of their lifestyle, this treatment will require a large amount of liquid pesticide. Bed bugs live and breed in hard to reach places. They are most comfortable inside of mattresses and crevasses that liquid pesticide will most likely miss.

It’s also important to note the existence of other bed bugs in their infancy, bed bugs can live up to 300 days or more without a meal. Without heat, how can you be confident the liquid pesticide will reach all bed bugs hiding inside a mattress or in carpeting?

Most likely, bed bugs will flourish once again after the initial treatment loses it’s efficacy. Learn more about heat treatments…

Tenting and Fumigation

While tenting and fumigation is a bit more effective than applying liquid pesticide, using a tent to fumigate a home involves massive labor costs and time. Homeowners are told to remove all clothing items, throw away all edibles, and vacate their property for an entire 72hrs.

The cost for tenting is twice as much as an average heat treatment, there are residual chemicals that may be toxic to animals and humans.

Tenting may also kill all landscaping, trees, grass, and plants in close proximity to the main structure of your home. This can translate to thousands of dollars in damages in addition to the ridiculous fees necessary to perform a tenting fumigation for bed bugs.


Using steam to eradicate bed bugs is a well known treatment, a natural progression for most pest control companies that cannot invest in true heat treatment equipment. Steam has limitations with contact, because it doesn’t actually heat up furniture and walls. It simply graces and surrounds the infected areas, bed bugs can easily bed away by burrowing deeper into a couch or bed.

Another downside to using steam inside your home to treat bed bugs is the obvious moisture by-product of steam that will remain hidden inside furniture, walls, ceilings, and other parts of your home that may not have an opportunity to dry in time to avoid mold or mildew.

Cold Treatment

Cold treatments are extremely expensive, for several reasons: It requires special equipment to distribute liquid nitrogen safely, an experienced application technician trained in handling this dangerous liquid, and an intense amount of labor to perform the application in every possible affected area.

This means the technician cannot miss a single bed bug without risking re-infection of the affected area. Similarly to the liquid chemical pesticide application, liquid nitrogen solutions for bed bugs require a complete examination of every possible hiding spot. An impossible task when it comes to bed bugs, as they seem to be able to access and hide behind walls, paintings, large furniture, and deep inside furniture.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE

Otherwise known as Diatomite, this fine powder is abrasive and it absorbs the fats/waxes from the exoskeleton of the target pest. This causes bed bugs to become dehydrated and eventually perish from lack of moisture in their bodies. Assuming the DE is uncalcinated, meaning it hasn’t been heat treated prior to deployment, it is very effective at eliminating bed bugs and other small bugs commonly found outside.

This solution is also extremely time consuming and it requires direct contact with bed bugs which may not be possible since bed bugs tend to hide deep inside furniture and other hard to reach places. Diatomaceous earth doesn’t immediately kill bed bugs, so the risk for a continued infestation is very much on the table. It’s considered a low-risk pesticide to human, but it should still be handled with care. Read more about Diatomaceous earth…

No Guarantees

Bed bugs don’t know what a promise means, the risk for re-infestation is extremely high when relying on these alternative treatments. Most companies avoid the word “Guaranteed” because it means their treatment will be held to a high standard by their customers. Unlike most other companies, Bug Bouncers upholds a 60 day guarantee on all heat treatments for bed bugs.