Get Rid of the Whitefly Before it’s too late

If you’re a homeowner or other property owner who hopes to avoid an infestation by the dreaded whitefly and the potential devastation and high expense that comes with it, choosing the right pest control company is crucial for proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention of future problems. Whitefly infestations have been spotted throughout the South Florida region, infesting many common palms and a wide variety of trees indigent to the area. When the whitefly comes to your neighborhood, it won’t be long before it begins to attack your landscape.

What makes the Bug Bouncers technician different from other company technicians?

  • Extensively trained on a continuous basis.

  • Utilizing the most advanced application equipment.

  • Quick response time and professional uniforms.

Whitefly diagnosis

Identifying a whitefly infestation is fairly easy once it reaches the later stages when a cloud of insects can be seen rising from foliage when moved or brushed up against. The leaves may be yellow and become coated with a sticky substance with a black sooty mold eventually developing as well. The feeding insects draw nutrients from the plant, resulting in poor growth and eventual defoliation, often times leading to death.

Trained pest control experts are often able to identify a whitefly problem sooner than most, making the problem easier to deal with and often saving plants and trees, making periodic inspections one of the best options for preventing or stopping whitefly infestations in their tracks.