Why pay more than you have to? We are proud to offer transparent prices with full disclosures and guarantees. Our process begins by diagnosing the type of pest currently invading your home or business, contact us today to find an affordable solution.

Learn about Bug Bouncers’ innovative bed bug heat treatment…

Do you need a pest control quote for your business or home? This has to be taken into consideration and will change the way we price your services. Our proactive approach to pest control is the key to Bug Bouncers and our renowned success. Bug Bouncers technicians are trained to spot problems early on, with a hassle-free inspection!

Bed Bug Inspection Cost Quotes

Bug Bouncers is proud to employ one full time bed bug inspection K9. These special canines are trained to detect bed bugs with a success rate of over 90%, perfect for large areas like hotels and apartment buildings. For example, a hotel contracted Bug Bouncers early in 2014 to inspect 300 rooms over the course of a month. This allowed for their general manager to remain worry free, their guests undisturbed by bed bugs, and their online review remained positive.

Bug Bouncers specializes in finding bed bugs before they become a major infestation. And if there is a major infestation, we happen to be the most efficient pest control company in the area when it comes to treating bed bugs. Using heat, we can eliminate an infestation with a single treatment. Followed by a thorough inspection by one of our bed bug detection dogs.

Termite Inspection and Treatment Cost Quotes

Termites affect homes all over Florida, they can swarm or dig their way into your wallet. It’s imperative that you seek treatment as soon as you suspect termites are attacking your home or business. Termites can wreak havoc on your foundation, support beams, and decks. We offer a free inspection for termites, then suggest effective treatments to mitigate the risk of further spread and eliminate the current infestation.

Colonies can host millions of termites, their cumulative damages to property account for billions of dollars. Why risk becoming another statistic, act now to prevent further damages!

What does pest control cost?

Florida is experiencing a wave of pest issues. Our expertise comes from dealing with customers who have tried doing it themselves. Most of the DIY treatments found online or at the hardware store will suffice for small infestations, but there are occasions where the person treating their own pest issue is unaware of the scope of the infestation.

Our customers rely on Bug Bouncers to perform a no-cost inspection. This first step is key to determining how much the pest control solution will cost. Without the big picture, neither you or us will know for sure how difficult it will be to exterminate the pest infestation.

Anything from ants to roaches and bees, we can easily estimate on the spot. The bed bug heat treatments have standard pricing, but they can vary depending on the size of the structure you need treated.

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