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The State of Bees

Florida’s Bees Are Not Always Harmless

The majority of our customers who need bee removals are aware that bees can be dangerous when encountered in swarms or large groups. Their defense mechanisms recognize an attacker and can often mark that attacker with a chemical scent to alert other nearby bees their queen is under attack.

Unfortunately for us, dangerous bees have become more common in Florida. Although honey bees are incredibly beneficial to the environment, Africanized bees threaten the lives of children, seniors, adults, and even pets. Warm weather is attractive to these bees due to it’s similarity in their natural habitat.

Bees Are Not a DIY Job Your Safety is at Risk

So what do you do when there is a colony of bees occupying a nearby structure? Africanized bees prefer corners in tall places, partially covered siding, small openings in between walls, and behind wooden structures with ease of access to exteriors. Africanized bees are naturally more aggressive than their honey counterparts. You must avoid making any contact with the colony or hive if it’s discovered. Any aggressiveness towards the hive will produce an equally aggressive reaction to the attacker.

What makes the Bug Bouncers technician different from other company technicians?

  • Extensively trained on a continuous basis.

  • Utilizing the most advanced application equipment.

  • Quick response time and professional uniforms.

It’s Not Just Bees

What About Wasps?

Although bees are the most common call we receive, there is a possibility you are dealing with wasps or hornets. These are some of the most dangerous insects found in Florida. We constantly receive calls from concerned home owners, renters, and businesses when they stumble upon a giant hornet ready to sting multiple times.

Hornets have the capabilities of small fighter jets, because they can sting a target multiple times in rapid succession. An incredible feat, considering Africanized bees will die quickly after deploying their only stinger.

From our experience, wasps and hornets make an easier target and can be found in smaller numbers. It’s advised not to approach or antagonize wasps or hornets. People who are allergic to stings will experience severe pain and sometimes death. Just call us first!

Bug Bouncers specializes in finding and erradicating dangerous pests, including bees, wasps, hornets, and africanized bees. Please do NOT attempt to eliminate these pests by yourself, there is no reason not to call a professional team with expert training in these situations.

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