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You can count on us.

Bug Bouncers has been a leader in pest management since 1998. This translates to a complete dedication to our customers. We clearly understand the need to keep your home bug free, as well as chemical free

So, You Have Pests? We Can Help.

Pests can be destructive, disruptive, and downright disgusting. That’s why we have designed our pest control services with technology and safety in mind. Pest control application methods that keep the safety of your family at the forefront of our direction.

Bed bug heat treatments that allow a complete elimination of all bed bugs, and not to mention the bed bug k9 on staff! These highly sought after services are a requirement to the customers we service, and that standard has carried us through two economic recessions, four presidential elections, and several hurricanes!

Our pledge to you is to bounce bugs from your home or work place! We are always available to come back between scheduled services and re-treat your home at no additional cost to you to control covered pests in and around your home.

How it Works

Initial Interior Service

Every situation is different when it comes to pests in your home or business. The solutions we bring to the table will be completely custom to fit your needs. Unfortunately for the bugs invading your personal space, we’ve been around since 1998 with unmatched success at eradicating pests.

Our process begins by assessing the damage or infestation, identifying the pests, and configuring a remedy for the problem. Bugs can hide anywhere they want, so our Bug Bouncers technicians will most likely monitor specific hiding spots that are known to be active. For example, the kitchen, bathrooms, and closet areas are some of the most popular hiding spots.

The most effective pest control solution, products, and picking the treatment areas will be determined by our highly trained Bug Bouncers technicians.

What makes the Bug Bouncers technician different from other company technicians?

  • Extensively trained on a continuous basis.

  • Utilizing the most advanced application equipment.

  • Quick response time and professional uniforms.

How it Works

Perimeter Services

Preventative pest control begins outside, by treating the exterior of your apartment complex or home, we can prevent any bugs from reaching the interior structures. Exterior spraying includes trees in close proximity to your house, bushes, trash areas, fences, under the eaves, and around doors and windows. Bug Bouncer Technicians will apply a combination of granular products, gels, liquids, and/or an occasional spray.

There are cases where the homeowner will have to be present or provide assistance in properly treating the pest issue. Our Bug Bouncer Technicians may make suggestions and recommendations to facilitate the treatment and avoid damaging personal property in the process. These may include fixing patio screens to avoid further breach, trimming tree limbs and branches to avoid further infestations, trimming back shrubs, and vacuuming prior to a flea treatment. We intend to work together and communicate effectively with every customer to ensure our success and your complete satisfaction.

Pests covered in this plan:

  • All ants, including white-footed ants.
  • All roaches, including german roaches.
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Beetles, including saw-tooth grain beetles.

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