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What is a Weevil?

Weevils are pesky little bugs that infest and kill Bismark Palms all over Florida. The maggots slowly consume the interior of the palm tree by embedding themselves into the trunk. As they consume the inside of the palm, they will leave an incredibly foul odor behind.

So, how can you detect a weevil infestation early enough for treatment to save the bismark palm? Call us first, even if you spot smaller weevils in the vicinity of your Bismark palm tree. The sooner you proceed with treatment to kill the infestation, the higher the chance to save the palm tree from being completely killed.

Weevils are also known as “Flour Bugs” but they’re actually beetles! There are times when you will find hundreds of weevils all over the walls and windows.

What makes the Bug Bouncers technician different from other company technicians?

  • Extensively trained on a continuous basis.

  • Utilizing the most advanced application equipment.

  • Quick response time and professional uniforms.

Learn More Do You Have Weevils?

A sure way of determining whether or not your Bismark Palms has Weevils is if the leaves start to turn a light brown or tan color. The leaves will also begin to lean past 90 degrees.

Another sure way to determine a weevil infestation is a secretion of sap coming directly from the trunk of the palm tree.

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